Author Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Illustrator Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Publication date June 2, 2012
Published by Chicken House
ISBN 978-0-545-07881-8
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Tunnels is the first book of the Tunnels series, which is written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. It was originally self-published as The Highfield Mole in 2005, then re-published by Scholastic and Chicken House in 2007. It has four sequels so far, which are entitled Deeper(published in 2008), Freefall(published in 2009), Closer(published in 2010), and Spiral(published in 2011). The book Tunnels chronicles Will Burrows, a 14-year-old archaeologist, along with his best friend Chester Rawls, who stumble upon an underground civilization called The Colony. They flee The Colony and set off to find Will's father in the Deeps.


In memoriam

Elizabeth Oke Gordon(1837-1919)

The BlurbEdit

Where the end is just the beginning...

He's a loner at school, his sister's beyond bossy, and his mother watches TV all day long, but at least Will Burrows shares one hobby with his otherwise weird father: They're both obsessed with archaeological sites. When the two dig up an abandoned tunnel buried below modern London, they think they're on the brink of a major find.

Then Dad disappears.

And strange, hatted men start following Will home.

Helped by his only friend, Chester, Will decides to investigate. Soon the boys are lost in a dark underworld, desperate to escape the clutches of a cruel and brutal cult. The deeper they descend, the deadlier it gets!

The PraiseEdit

"... fantastic fun ... has a claustrophobia and grimness all its own ... well paced, exciting and - in places - frightening ... (You have been warned.) The danger in the darkness is very real and is well worth the wait."


"Does it live up to the hype? Yes ... a corker of a plot ... the beginnings of a sensational series."